Life, but not as we know it

by Patrick Quanten MD

In our search for the Truth we are invited to climb over many barriers. Our basic root beliefs of life, its workings and trimmings are shaken and questioned time and time again. We have the choice to explore beyond the barriers or to safely stay within the grounds of life as we know it.

Life as we know it is a society, which is build on the principles of its knowledge. All structures and functions of that society relate directly to its beliefs. We, living in a society, are surrounded by examples of this. If you believe that bacteria are making you ill, you will endeavour to kill them off through extreme food hygiene measures which sterilises all your food in an effort to become healthier. If you believe that other people, other cultures are threatening your existence you will ensure a solid defence system to protect your people's interest and freedom; the freedom to think as I command, rather than others. If you believe that life begins at birth and ends with death you will do everything within your power to extend the time span between those two points; that being your main priority. The way your society looks and how it functions is completely determined by its belief systems. It is also walled in by it. Nothing outside the walls of your society - your beliefs - can be true, can exist. It is totally unacceptable to even contemplate anything existing outside our own belief system, and yet, "growing" and "moving on" can not happen without new input. Finding new ways to kill off bacteria does not change the approach nor the belief about what makes you ill.

In order to allow us to make progress we have science. These are our "learned friends" who investigate and report back to us what we should believe. We hold these people in the highest regard and do not question their integrity. We like to believe that our scientists are more willing to cross the barriers of society in order to establish Truth. However, life as we know it produces people as we know them: they live within the same walls. As they are highly respected they are quite happy living within these constraints and they do not have the urge to find out what lies, if anything, beyond the walls. As a matter of fact they have taken up their posts on top of the walls and are fiercely fending off anybody who gets near to the walls - no, no, not from the outside; but, from the inside. They do not want anybody to have a glimpse of what lays beyond the edge of our world.

Well, The Times They Are A-Changing.

Scientific Proof

  1. Cellular Memory
    In the 1980's scientists established that all our body cells are capable of producing any enzyme, hormone, neurotransmitter, or chemical needed. They proved that "brain-chemicals" are produced by cells all over the body; that insulin is produced even by brain cells; that no biochemical is the prerogative of any particular part of the body or gland. Not only do all cells produce what they require at any given moment, but also they have a memory of what is happening at any given time. Re-exposure to a similar situation will trigger the same response but much quicker as the recognition and suitable response pathway are already linked together. Furthermore, certain memories seem to be "locked" within the cell memory. For instance, a painful or traumatic experience may result in a "blocked" response pathway within the cell whereby the cell does not allow this experience to have its proper effect. As it were, life goes on around it. This causes long term problems as the cell has to continue to take avoiding action wasting a lot of energy and reducing its scope of possible responses as some are "blocked" and therefore unusable. If, through appropriate treatment, the person relates back to the incident and removes the blockage, he/she experiences at that moment all the physical impacts of the incident as if it was happening there and then. This can only occur if we accept that the cell has a full and comprehensive memory of the incident in all its details.
    The individual cells are also experiencing everything that we experience as the full body. When you are happy, the chemicals released in your liver make this organ happy too. The cells function better, have a better blood supply, a smoother elimination and are generally in a more alert state. The same has been seen for your gut, your endocrine system, your senses, your heart and lungs. All your emotions are directly and accurately "secreted" all over your body leaving every nook and cranny of your system feeling exactly the way you feel.
  2. Non-Physical Response
    Not only do all the cells respond immediately to every situation, they do so fractionally before it physically happens. Scientists proved that when you intend to eat an orange the digestive juices produced are entirely different from when you intend to eat a lemon. The juices the cells produce are entirely specific for "what we are about to receive", even before any physical contact has been made.
    This relates to the non-physical awareness you have, when someone you have a very strained cold relationship with has entered the room without you actually seeing the person. The coldness running down your back alerts you to his/her presence in the same way we can feel "eyes burning in the back of our neck". This awareness has an immediate effect on your physical being: you become anxious, you feel tight in your stomach, you will experience all the signs of what is generally known as the flight-or-fight response.
    Similarly, haven't we all had those strange feelings when you just have to ring home? You "know" something has happened without having any physical proof of it. In other words, there is some sort of "sense" communication between your body and your environment (space is irrelevant) which is of a non-physical manner.
  3. Genetics
    Every cell in our body has the same genetic information. What is more, all humans have the same genetic DNA. That is what expresses that particular cell as a human cell. From the very first embryonic cell all the genetic material required to make a human and make it function under whatever circumstances is in place. Throughout its development as a human that DNA within the cell nucleus never alters; if it did it would no longer be a human cell and therefore you would not be able to continue living as a human. This means that we are all recognisable as being human, yet at the same time we are individually so different. The differences come about through the different parts of the DNA that are "read" and expressed, through the difference in genetic material per se.
    Every single activity within our body (billions of actions every second) is the direct expression of the reading of the DNA. Nothing happens within your body without the explicit instruction of your DNA. So, if your body produces a cancer, it is because the DNA told it to do so. Therefore there is a gene available on the DNA that instructs the cells to alter their action and become what we refer to as "cancer-cells". However, as we all have the same genetic material it follows that we all have that gene. Research has shown that when there is a malfunction within the body the corresponding genes have been "switched on", which allows for the physical expression of this aberrant function. They have observed genes being switched on and off with correspondingly symptoms appearing and disappearing, as in cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and others. All genetic manipulation as a treatment would do is to "switch" the appropriate cancer gene from "on" to "off". The question as to why it has been switched on in the first place remains completely unanswered, and consequently it is very likely that the same force which was responsible for the initial switch on will do so again after the interference by the medical profession. The process which has caused your cancer to appear will not be altered by genetic manipulation and therefore the disease process will continue.
  4. DNA stimulation
    What is it that makes the DNA express certain parts of its double helix and not other parts? What is it that instructs the DNA to instruct the body to do certain things?
    We have seen how the body reacts to its surroundings and influences without there being a biochemical explanation. The way the body reacts, in other words what it is doing, is under direct and sole command of the DNA. And furthermore, this reaction occurs before there has been even a possibility of a physical interaction.
    We also know more about the energetic part of our being. The aura has been photographed; electromagnetic images have been made of body parts (kirlyan photography); the relationship between body parts and "pressure points" has been well established (reflexology, zone therapy, acupuncture) in which communication is on an energetic rather than a material level; experiments about mind control have shown the power of non-physical influence on physical functioning as well as on machine functioning.
    The DNA is a double helix strand, rather like a tightly wind-up coil such as one l finds in the old radio sets. In the same way the radio coil receives radiowaves which it passes on to a "translator" which turns it into sound, the DNA picks up electromagnetic wave signals, which opens the DNA strand in certain parts, "reads" the relevant part, puts that into the cell machinery which translates it into a physical process. In other words, the DNA listens out for signals within the energy field; the vibration of which influences the physical behaviour of the DNA strand, opens it in a certain place which allows the messenger to copy that particular gene. The messenger takes this copy to be translated into an action. The cell does as it is told!
    And the DNA does as it is told!

Other Information

  • People suffering from what is known as Multiple Personality Syndrome offer a rare glimpse into the extra-ordinary workings of the body. Within the space of one body we here find two or more personalities living side by side as it were. People with entirely different personalities, different action and reaction patterns, different ailments and very often different physical appearances such as skin markings and speech, occupying the same body. The person can switch instantaneously from one personality to another, exhibiting all the traits of that particular person. This means that not only will the person be behaving totally different from that one moment to the next, he/she will also instantly appear as that other person. This has been closely monitored and expressions of ailments such as arthritic nodules or diabetes appear and disappear as the person moves from one personality to another. Medical tests alter swiftly according to the personality that is displayed at that time.
  • Anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that there is life before birth. People have conscious memories of (mainly traumatic) events whilst in the womb, suggesting that the commonly held medical belief that memory can not and does not occur before the full formation of the brain cortex is false. From the above scientific evidence we also know that memory is held in every cell of the body and not exclusively in the brain which contradicts the medical belief even further. Added to that "memories" of previous lives have never been explained by medical science and are generally dismissed as a kind of "hallucination". It is obviously easier to dismiss people's experiences than it is to explain them. However, taking a starting position of "accepting until proven otherwise" seems a much fairer and more prudent way forward. When it then transpires that these previous life memories are extremely accurate in details that can be verified such as language/dialect and historical facts, coupled with the total impossibility of these people having previous conscious knowledge of the subject, one can not ignore the fact that they will have to have been able to acquire that knowledge somehow from somewhere. If the lives they refer to in detail are real, as verified in many instances, where did they get that information from? Without any evidence whatsoever to the contrary, one can only assume that the reason these people themselves give must be the truth: it comes from their own experiences in a previous life.
  • There is also life after death. We now acknowledge a whole stack of evidence regarding near-death experiences in which people who were proclaimed to be clinically dead, have been taken to the "gateway" between life and thereafter. There they encountered other beings, some of whom have been recognised as deceased relatives or friends, before having been told to return to their earthly body. These people in effect have met, albeit very briefly, life after death. Equally, mediums have been relaying messages from "the beyond" to the living for many centuries. Society has worked extremely hard to stop these people from being taken seriously through exposing fraud and sustained witch hunting. Alas, the messages keep coming; the mediums won't go away; and serious scientific studies are showing the reality of these messages, their accuracy and truthfulness. Although this comes as a great and unacceptable surprise to the medical scientific world, religion of course has always taught people that there is life after death and it is hard to envisage that such a belief could have survived for many thousands of years, through an enormous number and variety of cultures and societies, without there being any evidence whatsoever for it.

How can one body express more than one life at the same time?
If there is life before birth and after death, what exactly is it that is alive?

We all know that the body dies and disintegrates. The material that we are made off vanishes. However, the power that drives that body does not. Physically there is no difference at all between the body just before and just after death; the cells, organs, tissues and fluids are exactly the same in both cases. Yet, one is alive, the other is not. The body of the person with multiple personalities is the same, yet the expression of Life can alter instantanously. "Life" must therefore be something different from the tangible material itself. In religion this is called our spirit. Without going into a discussion as to what spirit is and is not, we can agree here that at the very least it is something which supplies the energy to the material. For material, physical matter, to be alive it will have to have energy, and that energy comes from elsewhere, as opposed to from inside the matter itself.

Matter Dead or Alive

A person exists in an energy form that never dies or disappears. It changes, but never vanishes. Consequently, everything that a person ever experiences will be remembered by that person, held within the energy field that person is. All experiences will alter the field but no experience will ever be lost. That person exists before birth and after death, has always existed and will always exist, and can easily decide to go through the birth and life experience again and again. Let's not go into the reasons why as that falls outside the perimeters of this paper.

We now know that every part of the body only acts in the way it has been told to by the DNA. Without those instruction nothing will happen, and death will be upon us. The DNA itself receives its instructions from an energy field. It is safe to say that the energy field which instructs your body belongs to you and to no one else, otherwise you would be no more than a puppet operated by another entity. Therefore the energy field that belongs to you must be your own energy and consequently must be the real you. It must be that which gives life to your body, that which makes you a distinct and unique feature amongst other "life" elements. You with all your experiences ever gained, you with all your personal baggage, you as a unique human energy now operate that particular body. It is you who instruct your DNA to tell your body what you want it to do.

All influences, without exception, are of an energetic nature. Whether it is the way food affects you, the weather, relationships, work or any other influence you care to mention, all of it acts upon you through your energy field because that is the only way the body can operate. On its own it can do nothing! It relies completely and entirely on the instructions it receives from the DNA, which gets its own instructions from the changes in the energy field it is "listening" to; your DNA is constantly listening to you. No direct chemical or biological interaction is possible within this "living" system. All action takes place within the energy field, the result of which is translated and expressed within the body that field is operating.

You are foremost an energy field which during some stages of its development translates itself in a material form. All actions and behaviour of that material form - the body - are expressions of the energetic YOU.

The defences and walls that surround our society have been breached.
It is time to leave behind the old beliefs and explore new ones.

July 2002


Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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