What if ....?

By Patrick Quanten MD

What if not everything was what it seemed or what we had been led to believe? Would you want to know about it and would you want to change according to the new information you were given?

Somewhere we do know that life is not as we are told, and still we seem unwilling to ask the obvious questions. Somehow we rather continue to shrug our shoulders and mumble "Oh well, what can you do?"

Why is it that we are so unwilling to face facts? Could it be fear, because we sense that the whole of our life may have been a lie and that we have no idea how we could proceed when that lie is no longer sustainable? Are we prepared to have our whole world turned upside down?

Well, here are some important questions that would be wise to consider carefully.

What if vaccinations do not provide any protection against infectious diseases?
What if infectious diseases are healing crises to be supported, not dangerous invaders to be fought?
What if viruses not really exist?
What if genes play no part in diseases?
What if therapies do not change the course of diseases?
What if health is a personal balance and cannot be achieved by blanket measures?
What if each life has its own purpose, structure and length?

We tend not to consider our place in creation other than that we are tops; we are the max! We are the best there is and therefore we decide what the planet needs, how it must be saved, what is important and what is not. However, often we are confronted with the fact that what we want is not actually happening, or the outcome that we predicted fails to materialise. We don't like that but as long as we can make people look the other way and confirm our authority on the matter, we remain in charge. It is a tactic all authorities use, including the medical one.

We are continually exposed to advertisements of the medical achievements via the media, real life documentaries and fictional films for television and movie theatres. Hope giving stories are being released on the world at an increasing rate.

New vaccine for a simple disease made out to be a "killer"
New hope for MS patients, for diabetics, for autism, for fibromyalgia
New cure for cancer, for Alzheimer, for Parkinson's
New disease found with no symptoms but very dangerous

During my career as a General Medical Practitioner I have been through so many of these and none have ever seen the light of day or have stood the test of time. New drugs, hailed to be so much more effective, have been proven to be dangerous and have been taken of the market by the industry itself. No apology needed! After a hundred years of "new" cancer cures we are currently still doing exactly the same as we were back then: we cut, we burn and we poison. The better we are at it, the greater the mortality. Manipulating statistics and shouting slogans do not constitute science. What is it that science has brought us during that same century?

It was perpetually shown that bacteria do not invade the system from the outside, but that they originate within the diseased tissue itself with the sole purpose of trying to help the very necessary cleanup.

It has been shown that every cell makes whatever it needs by itself. This means that glands do not produce hormones but gather them from the bloodstream after they have been produced and used by the cells. In other words, glands are recycling factories.

It has been shown that there is no such thing as an "objective" observation: the observer is part of the observed and no measurement of any kind has any objective value.

It has been shown that everything changes constantly and immediately. In other words, there is no medical test that has any value in the now or for the future and no conclusions can be based upon it.

It has been shown that all matter is in fact condensed energy, and that every change to that matter follows a change to the energy that makes the matter. In other words, the changes in bodily tissues are a result of energetic changes and cannot be rectified by interventions at the level of the tissues.

It has been shown that the human being is connected, not only to other human beings but also to everything else in creation. In other words, cosmic forces as well as earth forces influence life on earth and the human structure and function.

Scientists searching to understand life, what it is and how it functions, have not bothered themselves with the physical matter for almost forty years. Their investigations are concentrated on understanding energies. If we understand energies, we know matter.

The big new slogan is "evidenced based medicine". Whose evidence? They only allow their own evidence, for which they set the standards and promptly break them.

There has never been any evidence to prove that the Human Papilloma Virus has anything to do with cervical cancer. And that is by their own admission.
The American Medical Association publishes a list of causes of death, which is topped by medical intervention/treatment as resulting in the most deaths every year (double the number of cancer deaths). These are their own figures.
In the early seventies, figures showed that there were more breast cancers amongst women who regularly had mammographies and this was put down as being due to tissue damage resulting from x-ray exposure. This was published in their own reports, and consequently routine tests were suspended.
Artificial sweeteners, promoted by the profession as the healthy option in diabetes and obesity, have been in the top ten lists of most carcinogenic substances for the last forty years. This is their own list.
There has not been a single independent study that proves a link between the blood cholesterol level and heart attacks and strokes.
In the process of showing that margarines were good for the heart and circulation the largest studies were abandoned prematurely because it became very obvious that more people were dying of heart attacks within the study group compared with the average population. They still got a licence, and fifty years on margarines are still being recommended as the healthy option, especially for people with heart problems.
Their own information leaflet accompanying drugs such as sleeping pills, anti-inflammatories, tranquillizers, antihistamines, antidepressiva, anti-epileptica, and painkillers carry a warning not to use heavy machinery. In contrast, they allow people to drive a car whilst taking these medicines pretending it is totally safe, but never investigating the matter.

What if we could start to introduce evidence based facts into our lives? What would that be like? How much of the reality I am living today will still remain? How much truth is there really in anything I am being told? And how would I know what was the truth? How would I be able to distinguish truth from lie? Can I trust the expert? On the other hand, do I have to believe any weirdo telling me anything? And is it the truth just because I am being old by a non-expert?

Help is at hand. All we need to establish is our own truth. Each individual can happily live life from within a personal belief system, as there is no objective truth; as the observer you see it the way it is for you at that moment. On the other hand, if you want to know why certain things are not following the lines you predicted, then you are ready to learn more about the structure and the functioning of the creation. Here we have mainly two sources of information we can indulge in: religion and science. Although we have grown up in the conviction that these two are irreconcilable, it turns out that science has actually brought us a long way back towards the essence of the religious stories. There are so many similarities that we can almost feel the truth in it.

And even more exciting is the fact that from that starting point a completely different picture emerges about human life in general and the individual in particular. An understanding of life that can be touched and experienced, verified, by each of us opens up a more accessible view on health and disease. And at the end of the fairy tale the best of it all is that it turns out that the only real option for health is to do it yourself!

Health is in your own hands. Diagnosing the disease becomes a totally different exercise. Understanding the mechanism of that disease essentially comes down to good observation. Knowing what kinds of actions will be effective to guide yourself towards health again is, at that point, crystal clear to all who understand.

I would suggest you move towards a real evidence based life, whereby you first comprehend the main outlines of that life before you lose yourself in details. Remove yourself from dependence upon an expert's opinion and become self-reliant.

March 2012


Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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